Mr. Baxter: “il vero significato dell’intervento russo in Ucraina”Putin Tells Trump, “We’re Burning the Trash.” Biolaboratories Destroyed



DA: ⤵️ 25 Febbraio 2022


Vladimir Putin has kept frequent contact with Donald J. Trump as Russian soldiers, aircraft, and warships continue to bombard eastern Ukraine, targeting not civilians but Western-sponsored bioweapons laboratories that zigzag the countryside like a child’s connect-the-dots puzzle, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.Our source emphasizes he is reporting only what Putin has told Trump; he is not attesting to the veracity of Putin’s statements, and Trump, he said, has yet to independently verify Putin’s claims.

(TradLa nostra fonte sottolinea che sta riportando solo ciò che Putin ha detto a Trump; non sta attestando la veridicità delle dichiarazioni di Putin e Trump, ha detto, deve ancora verificare in modo indipendente le affermazioni di Putin.)

On Thursday Trump reportedly took a third telephone call from Putin and was told the Russian military had obliterated 13 bioweapon facilities across Ukraine. Some were subterranean and struck several times to ensure their destruction.

Putin contended the West—the American NIH, France’s Institute of Health and Medical Research, and Germany’s Center for Infection Research–had funneled billions of dollars into the labs under the pretense of research grants. He claimed to have evidence, which he would eventually make public “when the world is willing to listen.”

According to Putin, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy knew about the laboratories and had received kickbacks in exchange for letting them operate clandestinely and without official oversight.

“Putin told Trump he gave Zelenskyy many warnings to dismantle the labs, as far back as February 2020, and warned he’d do it himself if Zelenskyy didn’t comply. He admitted to minor collateral damage, but told Trump that Zelenskyy had only himself to blame, for putting the people of the Ukraine in danger,” our source said.

Putin also namedropped Israel. He said the Israeli Health Ministry and the MOSSAD ran a biolab on Snake Island, a land mass that belonged to Ukraine, located in the Black Sea, near the Danube Delta, with an important role in delimiting Ukrainian territorial waters.

On Thursday, a Russian Slava-class cruiser approached Snake Island and warned the inhabitants to surrender at once or be fired upon. “We are a Russian warship, proposing you put down arms to avoid bloodshed and unjustified deaths. In worst case, you will be hit with bomb strike,” the Russian’s warning continued for five minutes. The occupants replied: “Fuck you, Russian warship.”

The Slava cruiser opened fire, pummeling and razing the island’s structures until only dust and rubble were left in the wake of the attack.  There were no survivors.

Putin said to Trump that the biolab on Snake Island had been involved in researching a weaponized type of airborne rabies that, if aerosolized, could have ravaged the earth with nearly a 100% mortality rate.

“He assured Trump he’d taken precautions to guarantee all pathogens were hit hard and effective enough to render them inert. He wouldn’t say if he used thermobaric ordnance, but that seems a likely possibility,” our source said.

Make no mistake, President Trump. We’re not hitting cities. If we were, more than one building in Kyiv would be hit, and there’d be no electricity, no water, no nothing. We’re burning the trash,” Putin purportedly told Trump.

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A noi non resta che sperare che la fonte del giornalista inglese Baxter sia davvero affidabile come dice e che tutto quanto affermato sia vero…


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